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BioPilotsUK offers a joined up, efficient, easy-access route to business support services to complement the four centres’ technical capabilities. Our services support the growth of supply chains within a high-value bioeconomy and represent a selection of services our partners can deliver. To discuss how we might be able to support your organisation, please get in touch.

Modelling technologies

Two of the centres within BioPilotsUK have process modelling teams, that can apply a number of commercially available software tools to fully understand and improve your processes. Process modelling enables efficiency and the results can be used to predict hard to measure parameters, as well as cost estimation of process equipment. This knowledge complements scale-down models and identifies critical equipment design issues, saving you time, effort and money prior to scaling up your process.



Building value chains

The bioeconomy presents new and exciting opportunities to link up organisations with very different backgrounds who might ordinarily not meet. To speed up the process of developing new relationships, our partners can introduce organisations across bio-based value chains to help you explore new opportunities.



Scoping IP landscape and due diligence

BioPilotsUK can support your commercial and investment decisions by providing technical due diligence and IP landscaping services. We can provide in-depth techno-economic assessments, enabling the implementation of suitable technology development programmes and to identify value-adding technology partnerships.Once the groundwork has been laid through the desk-based reports, we can explore the practicality and feasibility of the findings for your business in one of the five BioPilotsUK scale up facilities.



Providing access to funding

Investing in early-stage innovative ideas in this emerging sector can be challenging to finance. To help de-risk the commercialisation of new bio-based opportunities, we can help assess which research and innovation funding might be available to you and help you navigate the grant application process. In addition, both BDC and IBioIC have secured funding that is available to Yorkshire businesses and Scottish organisations respectively.



Developing bio-based skills

BioPilotsUK works at the interface between academia and industry; and supports the creation of highly skilled jobs in the bioeconomy, promoting scientific excellence throughout the UK. Our centres work in partnership with universities across the UK as well as with research councils’, Innovate UK, EU, AMSCI and other collaborative projects across a wide range of disciplines and technologies to create new industrial innovation for the UK. For more information on how you can get involved in current training programmes please get in touch at info@biopilotsuk.com.



Testing prototype equipment

Securing laboratory space to set up and test new equipment can be a time-consuming and a costly activity. To help your organisation rapidly develop your technology, we can offer fully-serviced laboratory and hangar space to accommodate and evaluate developing technologies in an established test environment.



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“SMEs have so many challenges - CPI has often saved us the time we would have spent finding specialists or a demonstration plant. They’re a valued partner, in fact, our partner of choice for specialist chemical engineering and scale up expertise.”

– Phil Goodier, CEO, Plaxica