The Biorefinery Centre

About The Biorefinery Centre

Who are we?

The Biorefinery Centre is located within the Institute of Food Research on the Norwich Research Park. The Centre has a number of key processing facilities including a Cambi™ Steam Explosion Pilot Plant and several high torque bioreactors. In conjunction with the UK National Collection of Yeast Cultures at IFR, the Centre is involved in yeast genomics, robotic screening and propagation and undertakes R&D up to pilot scale into the production and commercialisation of biofuels, biochemical and fibrous material from food industry/processing wastes, agricultural residues, municipal solid wastes and lignocellulosic biomass.

What do we bring to BioPilotsUK?

We work with a number of different partners from SMEs and multinational companies from the agri-food and biofuel sectors to academics and research organisations across the world. The Biorefinery Centre can help you through the entire process or can aid in the optimisation of unit components within existing process schemes.

Partner Information

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Company:Institute of Food Research
Location:Norwich, England
Contact:Keith Waldron
Phone:01603 255 385

“We have witnessed The Biorefinery Centre’s capability to assemble teams of academic and industrial partners and work collaboratively to deliver ‘real’ projects. Their close engagement with the NCYC provides a key opportunity to exploit best yeast candidates to produce specific bio-based chemicals and to meet commercial demand.”

– Vireol Bio-Industries plc