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BioPilotsUK combines the nation’s leading expertise and facilities to help businesses develop and scale-up new sustainable processes to commercialise products from biomass, including: plants, algae, by-products and wastes. Due to the varied nature of the raw materials, or feedstocks, there is no one size fits all approach, rather a series of technologies that must be trialled and combined to maximise the opportunity.

Together, the BioPilotsUK centres can offer the key components required to accelerate and de-risk your bio-based projects, through access to:

  • highly-qualified specialists in genetic analysis, industrial biotechnology, green chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • a broad range of discovery to demonstration scale technologies to convert biomass into useful products; and
  • the accompanying analytical services and market awareness to assess viability of an idea.

We provide access to the UK’s leading biorefining centres and through them, to a number of key academic institutions pioneering new bio-based ideas as well as investors and bio-based businesses all along the supply chain.

Facilities and expertise

We can help you gain access to multiple approaches to feedstock optimisation, pre-treatment, processing and downstream processing technologies, including key areas such as:

BioPilotsUK capabilities diagram

Our facilities are all underpinned by a range of fully serviced laboratories, analytical assessment capabilities and infrastructure to support bio-based projects at every stage of development.

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“SMEs have so many challenges - CPI has often saved us the time we would have spent finding specialists or a demonstration plant. They’re a valued partner, in fact, our partner of choice for specialist chemical engineering and scale up expertise.”

– Phil Goodier, CEO, Plaxica