The Alliance of Open Access Biorefining Centres

BioPilotsUK is a collaboration created by four established biorefining open-access centres who recognise the importance of partnerships to develop UK bio-based value chains. Together, we de-risk the commercialisation of bio-based products and processes by trialling new technologies to ensure our partners are investing in the right technologies for their business.

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Why Biorefining?

Biorefineries employ a range of technologies to accommodate raw materials such as forestry and agricultural residues or municipal/industrial wastes to produce greener fuels and chemicals or products that perform just as well if not better than those that are manufactured today from fossil resources. This is achieved by having a much smaller impact on the environment, consuming less energy and water resources without impacting global food supply.

BioPilotsUK focuses on putting waste back into the production stream while leaving land for growing food and is working to build supply chains to secure feedstock supply within the bio-based industry.

“The Centre’s at IBioIC provide a wealth of opportunities for companies and organisations across a range of sectors in Scotland and the wider UK. The advanced equipment on offer is facilitating some truly innovative projects that are resulting in new products and processes, and helping to grow the industrial biotechnology industry in the UK.”

– Ian Archer, Technical Director, IBioIC